Best Infrared Sauna Buyer’s Guide

What Is an Infrared Sauna?

Different from the conventional saunas that depend on using steam the air so as to heat the body.  An infrared sauna makes use of neon wave infrared light technique in order to heat the body directly. This skill generates more sweat and still maintained to a great extent lower air temperature, which makes the most of the benefits in a lot more calm environment.

Despite the fact that conventional saunas work at temperatures of up to 195°F, the infrared saunas barely go up to 150°F. Even though having the usual stove or heating element inside their boundaries, the modern infrared saunas make use of a carbon fiber element that generates the infrared waves at the molecular levels.

These modern infrared saunas are to a large extent safer and therefore can easily be assembled, shipped, be used in almost any place whether outdoors or indoors. Infrared saunas have several benefits which may include, lowering blood pressure weight loss, detoxification, cardio therapy, improving blood circulation and many more.

In olden times, heat therapy had been utilized to help heal the body for centuries.  Sweat lodges and hot air baths had been used in relieving of stress, increased relaxation and detoxification amongst the American Natives, Europeans and also in the primeval Chinese Medicine.

Several years ago, even ahead of the invention of light therapy, basic saunas were been produced by lighting a fire directly beneath an enclosed area.  The sauna would be heated by the hot rocks and other materials been burned on a fire that passed the heat and smoked up to the cabin.

Around a century ago more advancements has been made for sauna therapies hence the invention of the infrared sauna. From that time, saunas have been slowly been advanced, and nowadays they have utilized holistically practitioners and several healers worldwide.

Infrared saunas are that sort of sauna which uses the heat and light, therefore, helping the body to relax and to detoxify. In addition, they are called near infrared saunas or far infrared saunas, they produce infrared waves that generate heat in our bodies causing sweating and release any stored toxins.

Although there are more constant researches that are still being done, to determine whether they have any long term effects and their potential benefits. Infrared sauna therapy looks as if it’s very safe, powerful and inexpensive as of now. This strategy has proved to lend a hand to many people who are suffering from pain related cases, more importantly, they feel more relaxed. They also have increased detoxification, anti-aging effects, joint and muscle support pain reduction. Cardiovascular therapy is at this time gaining the most attention by use of infrared saunas.

Sauna is believed to have a parasympathetic healing therapy, which means they can help our bodies to handle stress better, and also in treating all types of diseases resulting from depression, insomnia, autoimmune disorders, and hormonal imbalances.

The most fascinating thing concerning these kinds of infrared saunas is that they are different from usual saunas, for the reason that their light directly goes through the skin and doesn’t heat the air around you. The temperature of the body rises up so quickly, nonetheless, the light doesn’t have any effect on the immediate environment, thus why one can make use of infrared saunas at home.

The outcome of an infrared sauna is generated at lesser temperatures than a conventional sauna, therefore can be endured better by many people who cannot bear up the high temperature of even steam rooms or the ordinary dry saunas.

How Infrared Saunas Work

People who stand at the back infrared sauna treatment believe it naturally has an anti-inflammation effect, antioxidant effect activation of the cell that helps in wound healing and removal of toxins from the body. The beneficial results of infrared saunas come down by the electromagnetic radiation spectrum. These are positive radiations that are emitted by infrared sauna that the body can detect by the thermoreceptors that are in the skin.

These light waves are able to alter the cells, cell fluids cell membranes, DNA-proteins, water molecules. If altered at the cellular level, the cell membranes and the mitochondrial activities take place that has an impact on the metabolism.  Far infrared light wave radiation (FIR) FIR also affects the proteins within the body tissues which transform in a way that is vital on the whole biological activity in human.

Infrared light management more often than not works within just 15 to 20 minutes, hence it can be done at home. It is safe to purchase it and installed at home.  Infrared lamps are also able to cause remarkable transformations in body chemistry, for instance, restoring balance for patients who are suffering from chronic pains disorders, inflammation, and poor blood circulation.

Infrared sauna therapy causes reactions in the body which includes. Improved sweating several people can even describe as vigorous or heavy sweating, increased heart rate. There is something like the peace of mind the same as that brought about by moderate exercise, relaxation reaction that is triggered by the parasympathetic nervous system.

Important information to consider when choosing an infrared sauna.

Far infrared benefits & safety

Far Infrared Saunas make use of the principle of radiant heat. It transfers energy that is emitted from the heat source to a particular object. In Far Infrared Saunas, the object here been heated is the human body. Essentially infrared heat has to safe, essential and healthy for all living beings. Indeed, most hospitals in the US can boast of having been using this far infrared heat to warm newborn and premature babies for many decades.  Far Infrared Saunas provide great, results based on therapy for more than 100 diverse diseases and disorders as well as cancer therapy in the recent past. Breathing is easy and normal inside a sauna.


Look for inner and outer lighting and light therapy. Most infrared saunas emerge with interior lights, and it’s at all times important to confirm. Interior lights are important whenever one may want to read during the sessions. Some brands as well come with exterior lights that can turn the sauna into a furniture attraction that even the guests will admire.  Some others offer a diversity of colored lights as a result one can use the sauna for color light treatment that is suggested for SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) which is so common in winters.

Ceramic vs. carbon heat panels

There are 2 types of infrared heat emitters, we have carbon and ceramic. Several cheaper saunas particularly those that are sold on the Internet mainly use coils or ceramic rods in their panels. However, carbon panels are advanced to ceramic. This is because; top quality carbon panels generate the softest, enjoyable far-infrared heat at all times. They heat so fast any given time one can’t develop hot or cold spots as opposed on ceramic sauna heaters. The room also doesn’t get so hot like ceramic that gets too hot to even touch, that doesn’t give optimum therapy. Carbon emitters give immense heat absorption and cover up the most surface area so one gets more sweat thus an effective sauna session. They are safer and comfortable infrared sauna, the room is warm and not hot as it emits the radiant heat that penetrates even deeper than the ceramic sauna. They are also cost effective when it comes to electricity consumption.

Size matters

Infrared saunas vary in sizes from 1 person to about 6 people units and thus price varies consequently. It is important to consider the space that is available at home over and above to where the sauna will be positioned. The most popular decision is a corner unit with the intention of saving floor space and has a spacious interior.

LEDs vs. Halogen Bulbs

The curative value of NIR light also varies greatly with the source.  LEDs carry pure NIR at a remarkable wavelength. Halogen bulbs produce a broad spectrum of light from corner to corner with full visible range.   The curative NIR range between 810-880nm which allow for most favorable penetration of light to the targeted or tissue cells. Wavelengths greater than that don’t enter as deeply as they are absorbed by water, thus reduce the ability to reach to cells inside the dermis layer of the skin.

Through a halogen bulb, we have only a little percentage that will be within the NIR spectrum.  LEDs most are efficient for the reason that they can activate a natural photo biochemical response,   which is comparable to how plants make use of chlorophyll to alter sunlight into plant tissue.

Distance to the Light Source

The closeness to the NIR light source is very significant for the body to absorb the energy released.  The power always diminishes as one move further away from the light source. To accomplish the utmost physiological effects one is supposed to be within 1 to 2 inches from the light. The little percentage of NIR produced from a halogen heater has little to no effect since it is physically intolerable to even get that close.

In turn, to make NIR safer for saunas, development of an LED a give NIR at a wavelength with minimum variability and undetectable by heat or light. The LEDs are tactically placed to give someone the most favorable exposure to NIR therapy. LED doesn’t generate heat thus makes it comfortable and enjoyable.

Infrared Sauna FAQs:

Which are the Benefits of using an Infrared Sauna?

The alleged benefits of using an infrared sauna differ at times depending on the person you talk to but there are a number of benefits that the majority of the doctors prove. When the body is warmed, the blood vessels and the capillaries widen and as a result, the circulation of blood increases. The body as well starts to sweat and this helps to wash out toxin out of the body through the skin. At last, there will be an increase in metabolic rate. As a result, you will expect a number of health benefits when you regularly use infrared saunas such as more glowing skin and weight loss due to the increase in metabolism rate.  Other benefits include an improved circulation of blood, better immune and system reduced pain especially for those with chronic pain.

How safe is Infrared Heat?

Infrared heat is totally safe and healthy too.  You can stay in the infrared light for a couple of hours without any risk of getting burned.  Infrared is a natural output occurring of the sun and it does not have the unsafe UV rays that are related to unprotected sunrays.  Actually, infrared heat is very safe and it is even used in the majority of the hospitals to warm newborn babies.

How Long Can You Use an Infrared Sauna?  How Often?

If you have never used a home infrared sauna, make sure that you have first checked with your doctor and you have been given a clean bill of health. You can then begin using the sauna for 10- 15 minutes each session and 2-3 times a week. In due course, you can go up to sessions of up to 40 minutes and you can enter your infrared sauna each and every day. For the majority of the people, 3 or 4 sessions of around 30 minutes each appear to give them a good number of benefits.

Who should and who should not use an Infrared Sauna?

There are a number of things that each and every person should take into account before using an infrared sauna. If you were recently injured for instance you have a sprain, avoid using a sauna since the heat may increase the inflammation, especially the inflammation of injured joints. However, after about 48 hours the infrared waves can really help in healing faster. Pregnant women are supposed to keep away from using any type of sauna unless she is advised by the doctor to do so or while under supervision. Hemophiliacs, as well as those people who are likely to hemorrhage, are not supposed to use an infrared sauna.

Can I Use an Infrared Sauna while Taking Prescription Medications?

People who are taking prescription drugs are supposed to seek advice from their doctor or a pharmacist for potential changes in the effect of the drugs when they are exposed to infrared waves. Some drugs that are bought over the counter like antihistamines might as well cause the body to be more on the verge of heat stroke.

Can Kids and aged people use Infrared Saunas?

A child’s body temperature rises faster than that of mature people. Therefore, when using an infrared Sauna with a kid, work at a lesser temperature and do not operate for over 15 minutes at a time. The same case applies to elderly people since the capability of maintaining core body temperature usually decrease with age. For that reason when using an infrared Sauna with the aged, work at a lesser temperature and not above 15 minutes at a time.

How Do You Clean the Infrared Saunas?

Putting a microfiber towel on top of your bench and backrest throughout your sauna sessions will help to keep your sauna clean and free of sweat.  For irregular cleaning, just use a damp cloth to wipe the inside of the sauna. Furniture polish will do well for the outer surface. Kindly, don’t use any chemical cleaners to clean the inside of your sauna. This is not recommended.

Please note that if you stop sweating at any point when on your session in the Infrared Sauna, or you feel weak, tired or nauseous, or your skin becomes sticky, leave the sauna immediately!

Things to consider before buying an Infrared Sauna

The quality of the Infrared Sauna

Which type of wood is used? Today, hemlock or western red cedars are the most common wood that is used in the construction of infrared saunas. Hemlock or western red cedars are the favorite choice for trustworthy brands. It is not just a good-looking furniture wood that produces even contoured edges and lines but also naturally avoids bacteria and mold. Therefore, the main thing to consider when buying a new infrared sauna is to make sure that the wood that is used is solid and has been dried in a kiln and doesn’t outgas.

Chemical products or use of particle board should by no means be used in the curative of the wood or the sauna construction.  The major risks are releasing of toxic chemicals as well as the long-standing effects of cooling and heating the wood. This will lessen the durability and vulnerability of the wood leading to bowing, splintering and breakages. Your safety should be the first priority and you are purchasing the sauna to improve your health. Thus, ensure that you have gotten yourself a good sauna that will not expose you to dangerous outgassing toxins since it beats the reason for buying a sauna in the first place.


Infrared saunas come in a variety of sizes in size from one person up to six person units and their price differs for that reason. Consider the available space that you have in your home plus the place where the sauna will be positioned. A well-known choice is a corner unit that usually saves floor space and still has a spacious interior.


Some saunas are fitted with joints and screws while others are fitted with glue. Firmly fitted joints and screws instead of a glue construction makes a sauna last long. Low-priced saunas normally rely on glue to maintain the joints instead of detailed craftsmanship. The heated glue will release gasses in the sauna and inhaling these gases is not healthy.  Go for the one fitted with joints and screws.

Ceramic versus carbon heat panel

Infrared heat emitters exist in two different types, ceramic and carbon. Majority of the cheaper saunas and especially those that are sold on the Internet mostly use ceramic coils or rods in their panels. However, carbon panels are far better than ceramic. The reason why they are better is that high-quality carbon panels offer the softest, most pleasurable available far-infrared heat. They normally heat up quicker and offer a much wider circulation of heat hence you do not experience ‘cold spots’ or ‘hot spots’ in your sauna as it is with ceramic heaters.

Given that the ceramic used in the majority of the infrared heat emitters are usually of poor quality, there are lumpy deposits of dirt that are often formed on the tube. These lumpy deposits make the ceramic emitter to rot fast and become useless after a while. Majority of ceramic emitters do not have a long life expectancy.

Control panels

Majority of the saunas comes with a control panel on the outer side of the component where you can regulate the heat, change time, switch on lights and the rest. But this is not just what you should count. It is very important to get a sauna that comes with the control panel inside hence you do not have to get out to make changes. Note that all controls are not made alike! Try to find digital controls that are easy to use and comes with set temperature, an actual temperature, set time as well as time remaining. The controls must, in addition, contain light switches for external and internal lights along with color light therapy system.


The bottom line, is the sauna dealer standing behind their product? Investigate the sauna company in addition to the warranty that they are offering to each and every sauna. Their warranty is supposed to cover the electrical system controls, the heater, along with other peripherals. A good company will cover even the accessories such as the audio and chromotherapy systems. You will also, need to know if the warranty will still cover the sauna if it is going to be used in a commercial place. This is a very important thing to consider if you are looking for a sauna for your business or for your office. Majority of the warranties are intended for home use thus providing coverage in usual working modes. Use your time, do some research and go through any customer’s feedback regarding the company, including issues related to warranty.

Have the best experience as you purchase the sauna of your choice!


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