Eviva Product Manuals

Eviva® takes extraordinary pride in the solidness of its items, utilizing materials and completions intended to continue everyday utilize, and withstand the perpetually changing mugginess and temperature levels of washroom situations. We suggest the accompanying consideration guidelines:


1) Only cleaning items particularly intended for furniture ought to be utilized, for example, vow. Warm lathery water or extremely mellow cleansers might be utilized sparingly.

2) Soft cleaning items, for example, garments or wipes might be utilized, yet cruel or grating materials will harm the surface complete or evacuate the sealants. No detergent or smelling salts based items ought to be utilized.

Counter-top Materials

With the correct consideration, your glass, stone or marble ledge will stay searching all around kept up for quite a long time. Here are a couple of basic strides to keep your hard surface spotless and secured:


Despite the fact that exceptionally versatile and non-permeable (consequently recolor free), glass requires some level of consideration. It will stay wonderful for a considerable length of time to come if the accompanying fundamental rules are taken after:

Wipe down the surface of glass ledges after use. A soggy wipe or fabric will normally do the trap. Mellow cleanser can be utilized to evacuate spots.

Hot things ought not be put specifically on glass surfaces

Items particularly intended for glass consideration are incredible, yet grating or acidic cleaning items ought not be utilized.


Marble is one of nature’s ponders; an uncommon and lovely material that is as practical as it is alluring. Keep your marble flawless by keeping it clean and legitimately ensured. Watching over marble is simple with a little exertion and the right partners. Through ordinary home use marble may dull marginally, losing some of its splendor and radiance. This is effectively turned around:

Wash your marble with clean fabrics and new luke-warm water. Twice per year wash it with gentle cleanser as an extra protect to evacuate any remaining soil, which can get to be instilled.

Secure your spotless marble with a marble clean, for example, Weiman® Marble Polish. NOTE: Weiman® Marble Polish is not for use on floors.

There are three unmistakable sorts of issues that happen with marble:

Carving: Etching is brought about by the activity of acids on marble when part of the surface of the marble is really consumed. Liquor, wine, brew, natural product juices, sodas, toppings and serving of mixed greens dressings would all be able to engraving marble. Rings and dull spots are generally carve marks. A carved surface feels harsh or discouraged to the touch.

Dirtying: Soiling is a fog or film brought on by smoke, sediment, earth, dust, and so on., which dulls the stone, concealing its excellence. Soil does not enter the marble but rather just lies at first glance.

Recoloring: Most stains can be expelled with the utilization of a poultice. Make your poultice of white smearing paper, white paper napkins, or white purging tissue. The poultice ought to be absorbed the required arrangement and kept sodden while it is on the marble. To keep your poultice clammy, spread it with a plastic wrap to keep the dampness from dissipating while the stain is being drawn out. Drawing out a stain may take from 15 minutes to 24 hours, contingent upon the age and the seriousness of the stain.

Liquor and organic product juices will damage the completion of marble, and it is prudent to utilize napkins under glasses while putting them on marble tops. Any fluid spilled on marble ought to be washed with clean water as quickly as time permits.

Stains: Blemishes and staining created by hued material infiltrating the marble. Tea, espresso, tobacco, ink and soda pops, shading from paper or materials would all be able to stain marble. Sleek materials, for example, milk, serving of mixed greens dressing, meat, hand cream, and so forth., can likewise bring about extreme recoloring.

Dirtying: Apply Marble Polish to a delicate fabric. Wipe marble surface until soil has been expelled and its radiance and veining is splendid and clear. The surface ought to be dry.

Marble Polish seals marble pores, repressing recoloring. It likewise deserts an imperceptible defensive covering that backs off a scratching activity.

Clearly, doing such things as coloring your hair or utilizing the sink for anything that identifies with stains or colors is an awful thought as this may bring about changeless imprints in the surface of the marble.

Clean the marble in the wake of evacuating the poultice with clean water. Use Marble Polish to clean and ensure the marble.

Natural Stains: Organic stains are brought about by tea, espresso, sodas that have no citrus extract, wet bark, blossoms, filtered hues from paper or materials. These for the most part take the state of the recoloring object. Wash with clear water. Apply poultice of hair-blanch quality hydrogen peroxide and a couple drops of smelling salts.


Oil Stains: Oil stains are brought on by spread, milk, cream, plate of mixed greens oils, nutty spread, meat scraps, mustard, hand cream, demonstrating mud, and so forth. Wipe off with fabric hosed with alkali. Apply poultice of equivalent part amyl acetic acid derivation (accessible in medication stores) and CH3)2CO.


Smear up spills instantly, before they enter the surface.

Use Granite Wipes, for example, those supplied by Weiman or any other similar supplier, to clean the granite, and dependably flush and dry subsequent to washing.

Call your expert granite upplier, installer, or reclamation authority for issues that show up excessively troublesome, making it impossible to treat. Request that an expert evacuate or repair a scratch in rock.

Use napkins under all glasses, especially those containing liquor or citrus juices.

Numerous regular sustenance and beverages contain acids that will draw or dull the granite surface.

Try not to put hot things straightforwardly on the granite surface. Use trivets or mats under hot dishes and place mats under china, earthenware production, silver or different items that could touch the most superficial layer.

Try not to utilize items that contain lemon, vinegar or different acids at first glance.

Try not to utilize rough cleaners, for example, chemicals, scouring powders, or delicate cleaning agents.

Clearly, doing such things as coloring your hair or utilizing the sink for anything that identifies with stains or colors is an awful thought as this may bring about lasting imprints in the surface of the granite.

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